Based in Scotland much of our wildlife photography focuses close to home on native animals and birds. Here the variety of environments provide homes to a diverse range of wildlife.
We have a long standing interest in wildlife and wildlife photography and have made several trips overseas, in pursuit of wildlife, including trips to parts of Africa, particularly Kenya, Tanzania and Gambia, or The Gambia to use the proper name.

Why Pine martens and Pinemartens.co.uk?
In Scotland the elusive Pine Marten represents, for many, a symbol of the ultimate Scottish wildlife quest and has always been one of our favourite animals.

If you are looking for Pine Martens click the featured image. Read on for other wildlife.

Featured - Pine Marten

Featured image – Pine Marten


We also have an interest in Cocker Spaniels. particularly working type Cockers which we have kept as pets for a number of years. Occasionally, as enthusiasts, we breed our cockers but not on a commercial basis as our dogs always come first.

Galleries of wildlife from further afield include animals and birds of Africa, particuarly Kenya and Tanzania. Select wildlife photography galleries from Scotland or Africa by clicking an image below.

The main Pine Marten website pages show general gallery collections. Specific wildlife subjects can be found by browsing the Pinemarten galleries or blog.

Scotland Pine Martens Wildlife Photography

Scotland Pine Martens & other wildlife

African Wildlife - Pine Marten - Wildlife Photography

African Wildlife & birds








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