African Carnivoures

Our collection of images of African Carnivores and Big Cats. Include images of Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hyena and Jackal.

From the diverse African wildlife it is perhaps the Carnivores which for many hold the greatest fascination. The carnivores of Africa comprise a diverse group of animals ranging from the smaller cats to the Lion.

Big Cats - Lion Leopard Cheetah

Big Cats – Lion Leopard Cheetah

African Carnivores - Hyena & Jackel

African Carnivores – Hyena & Jackel






The following is a list of African carnivores:
•African Civet
•Large-Spotted Genet
•Banded Mongoose
•Wild Dog
•Black-Backed Jackal
•Common Jackal
•Bat-Eared Fox
•Spotted Hyena
•Striped Hyena