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Dogs have always figured in the pack and in recent years this part has been played by Cocker Spaniels, particularly those of the working type.

Working type cocker spaniels as pets

Working cockers are the original cockers which were bred for temperament and trainability. The name “Cocker” coming from the bird “Woodcock” as flushing game birds was the cocker spaniels original breed purpose.

From this you may conclude that working cockers would not make good pets. To the contrary, their characteristics (trainability, temperament) can make them excellent pets. The secret lies in understanding their nature. Their characteristics and nature then work as an advantage rather than disadvantage.
Working cocker spaniels are very intelligent and sociable. They take easily to training and with the right approach, gentle but firm and fair, can be trained to do almost anything.
As house pets working cockers are fairly small, this and their friendly inquisitive nature make them very good companions even where children are in the house.

 Exercising your Working Cocker Spaniel pet

They are however very active and enjoy plenty of excersise. The working Cocker likes nothing better than to spend its time searching and hunting in the undergrowth. The thicker the better. They especially love wild and wet environments such as a moor covered with heather. This helps to keep your dog stimulated and balanced. Expect to provide your dog this sort of exercise daily. Our own dogs have 3 walks of about 1 hour duration daily at home. When away or on holiday they can spend much of the day out and about. If you are active with a love of the outdoors a Working Cocker Spaniel could be a good choice. Cockers however should by no means be considered lap dogs.

Members of the pack:

They have a good number of FTCHs and champions in their lines. Clover is descended from Larford Cateran through Larford Boss. Brodie has Wernffrwd Cymro Du and Larford Elma in his lines.

Isle Of Canty Eisenhower (Working Cocker Spaniels)


Calderdale Clover


Almondbrig Cortado










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Clover is our fine 6 year old girl, Brodie is her 4 year old mate and Cory is their 3 year old son.

Clover and Brodies first litter …

Clover and Brodies Second litter …