Black Rabbits of Lewis

While Black Rabbits in the wild are unusual they are by no means rare.

Chances are you may have come across an odd one or two, but would you be surprised to see dozens perhaps even hundreds of these black bunnies in a single location?

Black Rabbit Grey Rabbit

Black Rabbit Grey Rabbit

On one of our recent trips to the Western Isles we came across such an encounter, dozens of black rabbits in two adjacent fields. We had noted these black beauties before, but not realised the number. Stopping for a while we took a random sample and counted well over 100 rabbits in two fields and estimated that the ratio of black to regular grey bunnies was approximately 35%.

Black Bunnies

Unfortunate as we were heading for a ferry back to the mainland time was limited, but sufficient to establish that there were dozens possibly even hundreds of black rabbits in the area.

If you are interested in seeing the Black Bunnies they can be found in the fields adjacent to the north beach at Branahuie Banks on the A866 just outside Stornoway. Park in the car park at 58.206510,-6.294920 and rabbits should be visible in the fields either side of the car park. Alternatively take the short walk to the beach and watch for bunnies in the fields along the shore.



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